Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

DJ OP Dot – Street Wanted Mix

DJ OP Dot – Street Wanted Mixtape

Year 2023 DJ Mix – Latest DJ OP Dot Mix

DJ OP Dot’s “Street Wanted Mixtape” is a musical journey through the raw energy and vibrant beats of the streets. With an expertly curated selection of tracks, it’s a sonic adventure that immerses listeners in the pulse of urban culture. From street anthems to underground hits, this mixtape captures the essence of the streets, making it a must-listen for anyone craving an authentic and electrifying musical experience. DJ OP Dot once again proves his mastery in blending genres, delivering a mixtape that resonates with the street’s undeniable appeal. Get ready to hit the streets with DJ OP Dot’s latest mixtape!

1Intro – 𝗗𝗝 OP DotI love you
2Elena Mara Beat
3Halleluyah Mara Beat
4Bonjour Mara Beat
5Mara Dance
6Mara Pass Mara Beat
7Mayor KayMara Beat
8Soja – Beat
9EnergyDJBeat Of Life
10Ijo Chicken
11EnergyDJMan of the Year
12Hector Mara Beat
1377 Mopol
16𝗗𝗝 OP DotGberatan Mara Beat
17Superbalat-Cinderella Mara
18EnergyDjDijavu refix
19EnergyDJAsk about Refix
20Obirin Ahhh
21Ma Fi Beat Payin
22Woro Si Woro
23Naya O Mara Beat
24Mugbele – Mara Beat
25The Matrix Mara Dance
26Lagos mara Beat
27African Mara Beat
28Oh Let Go Dance mara beat
29Terminator mara Beat
30Opor Mara Beat
31Chance Mara Beat
32Wuro wubo Mara Beat
33Are you there Mara Dance
34Ade Ori Okin mara Beat
35Akuchuku Mara Dance
36Oni duro mi Mara Dance
37Ejon Mara Dance
38Ongbemilo Mara Beat
39𝗗𝗝 OP DotGberatan Beat
40Outro- 𝗗𝗝 OP DotI Love yuuuuu

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