Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

DJ Saquo – Party Rules Book XLIV Without Piano Mix

Year 2023 DJ Mix – Latest DJ Saquo Mix

DJ Saquo is back with another electrifying mix, and this time it’s all about the party rules without the piano. Party Rules Book XLIV Without Piano Mix is a sizzling compilation of tracks that will have you grooving from start to finish. With Saquo’s expert mixing skills, you’re in for a non-stop dance experience that will elevate any gathering. Whether you’re hosting a house party or just want to dance like nobody’s watching, this mix is your ultimate party companion. So turn up the volume, hit play, and let DJ Saquo set the mood for an unforgettable night of music and fun.

01D BanjWmixinghy Me – 1A
02IyanyaKukere Inst – 1A
032ShotDesire -1A
04Fuse ODGAzonto – 1A
05D BankOliver Twist – 1A
06MishAkwa Ibom Ayaya – 1B
07Ice PrinceSuperstar -1B
08Duncan MightyMunachim Soh – 2A
09P SquareAlingo – 2A
10SeleboboYoyo – 2A
11SeleboboYoyo Inst – 2A
12IyanyaKukere – 2B
13RuffcoinDownlow – 2B
14SkalesShake Body – 2B
15Dr SidOver The Moon – 2B
16Runtown1980 – 4A
17D BanjMr Endowed – 4A
18P SquareChop My Money Instr – 4A
19DavidoDami Duro – 4A
202Face IdibiaThe Name – 4A
21OlamideFirst of All – 5A
22Terry GSee Groove – 5A
23D PrinceTake Banana – 6A
24Kiss DanielShoye
25OlalakesideElegushi Spender – 6A
26Victoria KimaniShow – 6A
27Yemi AladeJohnny – 6A
28Slim BrownEgwu Remix – 6A
29MeritNakupenda – 7A
30TemayaBum Bum – 7A
31Naeto C5 & 6 – 7A
32DonaeoParty Hard Instr – 7A
332Face IdibiaImplication – 8A
34BrymoAra – 8A
35WizkidAzonto – 8A
36Chuddy KBrazilian Hair – 8A
37TimayaMalonogedi – 8A
38P SquareChop My Money – 8A
39KceeLimpopo – 8A
40WillicinoSempe – 8B
41FlavourShake – 8B
42P SquareBunieya Enu – 9A
43Wande ColeRotate – 8B
44Sean TizzleMama Eh – 8B
45FlavourBaby Oku – 10A
46KceePullover – 10B
47OlamideLaid – 11A
48Chuddy KGaga Crazy – 12A
49Dama Da BlingTaking Over
50J. MartinsFine Fine Love – 12B
51DavidoGobe – 12B

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