Fri. May 27th, 2022

    DJ A.B Imole Ikorodu – 99 Miss Call

    dj A.b imole

    Year 2022 DJ Mix – Latest Street Mixtape

    dj a.b, 99 miss call mix 2022, dj a.b imole ikorodu mix, dj a.b latest 99 miss call mix, dj a.b latest afrobeat mix 2022, latest dj a.b imole ikorodu mix 2022, dj a.b street mix 2022 by dj A.B Imole Ikorodu. Celebrity trending DJ A.B Imole Ikorodu drops new hit mix titled 99 Miss Call finally released today and it is trending on all platforms across the globe and even made available for streaming and downloading here on Naijadjmix. This mix gat fans all over the world vibing to this mad hit because people could not believe the tune that this song starts with. The mix 99 Miss Call came in with a melody of stars starting time. If you really and carefully examine this song you’ll see that this DJ A.B Imole Ikorodu did a great work on it. Not only this DJ A.B Imole Ikorodu but also the producer because it was the beat and the mixing that gave this song the ranking it is today. This mix 99 Miss Call is actually one of the best in towns and cities. The interesting thing about this song is that once you download it immediately and even listen to it, nobody will tell you before you add it to your playlist because you yourself would have liked the song itself and will add it to the playlist so as for you to always hear the cool vibe that comes from it every time. This mix 99 Miss Call is more than words to express it, it’s until you download it 99 Miss Call yourself and listen to it too that is when you will fully understand what I have been saying and really understand the meaning of what they call cool sounds. Even lots of talented artists are wondering that how could someone I.e DJ A.B Imole Ikorodu be good has this to release this kind of rhythm, it’s not only that lots of managers, producers, directors are still in search of the talented artist who dropped this. For all these to be happening, you can see that this DJ A.B Imole Ikorodu didn’t just do a small work on it, that why you really need to hear this trending hit now, so you won’t miss this out too incase you’ve missed before or searching for something like this 99 Miss Call. Then I bet you that this is what exactly you’ve been looking for.

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