Fri. May 27th, 2022

    DJ OP Dot – Best Of Kendrick Awe & Lollyzondy Mix

    best of awe mix

    Year 2021 DJ Mix – Latest Best Of Kendrick Awe & Lollyzondy Mix

    dj op dot, dj op dot mix, dj op dot latest mix, latest dj op dot mix, dj op dot latest mix 2022, latest dj op dot mix 2022, kendrick awe & lollyzondy mix by dj op dot. Nigerian fast-rising disc jockey, DJ OP Dot is, here again, this time with the best collection of music stars Kendrick Awe & Lollyzondy. You should have heard about these two to stars in the music space or do you need a DJ OP Dot touch to do the introduction? DJ OP Dot took this too personally as he slice the mix-up with his turntable.

    1. Intro – DJ OP Dot
    2. Zondy – Classiq
    3. Awe-big move
    4. Awe-crusher
    5. Awe-money
    6. Aye-Awe zondy
    7. Zondy-solmedia empire
    8. Awe-ajeomo
    9. Mokole -Awe
    10. 2 thinking-awe sterry
    11. Lollyzondy-Awe
    12. Temi Toni leru -awe
    13. Word-zondy
    14. Awe-Arodan
    15. Poly zondy -Ft Murphy -Na You
    16. Awe-230am – Solmedia empire
    17. Zondy-cool Down
    18. Yarinya-voiceman
    19. Awe-Oba
    20. Awe-Aya
    21. Awe-waka waka
    22. 3 galigali -awe
    23. Kendrick Awe-Yahoo
    24. Ojo Aje-lollyzondy
    25. Aware-zondy
    26. Zondy-Better Day
    27. Awe-kpakpakpa
    28. Zondy-Wobi
    29. Kendrick Awe-konsoli
    30. Teedis-please me
    31. Excellency-Awe
    32. Outro-DJ Opdot

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